Meal Prep Web App
For your Restaurant

Covid-19 has hit the restaurant industry hard. This app is to help you create a new avenue of income. Now you can offer weekly meal prepping for your customers!

Get More Customers

Help your customers incorporate better meals for their families. Offering to prepare several of their meals for them per week is a great way to bring on new clientele.

Keep Employees Busy

Takeout and delivery orders, one by one, can keep the doors open, but it might not keep employees busy. Having weekly meals to prep keeps them busy, and keeps your customers happy!

Increase Sustainable Revenue

If your restaurant is like most, you have tight margins. Offering a new service can provide real value to your customers. It also provides a consistent, recurring revenue stream for you.

What you get with eDine Meal Prep Web App

Full Web App

We will provide you with a link that you can put on your website to provide a place to place a weekly, or recurring order.

Easy Management

Users can update their own data and information, cancel a recurring subscription or even update their preferences for meal types week to week.

Easy Checkout

Customers have a well optimized checkout process to place orders for your meal prep service. All you have to do is sit back and collect the orders.

Mobile Friendly

Our web app is mobile friendly to make sure that customers can order and update from any device.

Order Confirmations

Updates are sent to the restaurant and the customer to confirm pickup or delivery, as well as reminders, to make sure you do not miss an order.

Easy and Fast Signup

Our simple sign up process takes only a few minutes and it usually takes only a day or two to setup the web app for your restaurant.


Like many other businesses we are also trying to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic and this app is a good way to help our current clients and also help the community.

We decided to roll out a free version because we have seen the positive impact from businesses helping other businesses.

Depending on which plan you choose you have a certain number of orders you can collect for free each month. After that, orders will keep processing and an account will be created for your restaurant and an initial invoice to be sent for the overages. And that is it, we will require automatic payments to be setup, and you will receive a bill each month for everything over the limit on your account. 

So for example, if you have 10 meals on your plan, and you get 15 orders, you will be charged for the 5 orders over the free tier at the rate for your plan. For the free plan it is $5 each. So the bill for that month will be $25. If the next month you sell 20 orders, you will get a bill for $50 for that month, and so on. 

If you do not go over your limit in a given month, you will not be charged. 

For the Startup tier it can be as quick as you want it to be, since you are doing the work of updating adding products/meal types yourself. The custom tiers get setup as fast as the form is filled out for them and depends on our staff. Usually a couple of days for the custom tiers.

There are several ways for customers to find your app. 

  1. A link from your website. I would say this is the very least action you should take. Let us know if you need help with this.
  2. An email campaign to your existing customers letting them know that you are offering meal prep and planning services.
  3. Advertising is another great way to get this offer out.
  4. Social media is another popular way for restaurants to get the word out that they are offering meal prep. There are lots of Facebook groups for neighbors helping neighbors and many of our clients have reached out to these groups to offer free pickup and drop off services as their employees are out delivering things to the neighborhood. It is a good way to help your community, build goodwill and advertise your meal prep offer at the same time.

Offer Meal Prep Services to Your Customers today!

It has never been easier to expand your restaurant.

How It Works


Users Make Their Selections And Checkout

Orders Are Charged On Wednesday (or another day you choose)



Meals Are prepared and Delivered Or Picked Up on Sunday (Free tier is only eligible for pickup)

Offer Meal Prep Services to Your Customers today!

It has never been easier to expand your restaurant.