About eDine

What Is eDine?

eDine is a Website as a Service product from ExecuServices. You can learn more about ExecuServices here, and WaaS by ExecuServices here. 


The main goal is to provide the restaurant industry with products specific to them. This meal prepping/planning service is one of those offers. 

Michael Pratt

Founder and Principle Operations

Michael is the head of operations and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. He plays a large part in project management and maintaining customer relations.

Annmarie Pratt

Founder and Lead Designer

Annmarie is a graphic designer with 15 years experience. She expertly manages the designs and home life for her 4 children. 

Who We Are

We are made up of developers, designers and marketing gurus. We decided to open this app up to the restaurants because we saw the need and we wanted to help in this time of struggling business. We happened to be positioned well to do so.

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