How Does it Work

You might have some questions around how it works, customization and if there are any costs associated with it.

Signup Process

1. Fill out form

Select your plan below and follow the instructions on the next page. You will be walked through the simple process.

2. Invoice and confirmation

You will be given access to your app immediately and be able to start editing. Those with paid plans will also be able to start, but will be contacted within 1 business day to start the process. All tiers will receive an initial invoice, even if it is $0 to put billing information on file for any overages.

3. Process and build

Once the invoice is paid, or credit card information is on file (for the free tier), we will build out the web app for the customization tiers. Usually this takes a couple of days, and depends on the level of customizations.

4. Start selling

You can start selling your prepped meals immediately. You will create your own link in the setup process. Simply share it with your existing user list, or start an advertising campaign around it.

How Much Does It Cost?

We are offering our main service package for free to restaurants due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
We are also offering our other services and customization’s at a discounted rate as well.


Setup Starts $250
$ 0
Per Month
  • Everything In Starter
  • Custom Items (more meal types or products)
  • Email Customizations
  • Priority Launch (prioritized above Starter)
  • Your Own Domain (
  • Design and Functionality Changes


Setup $0
$ 0
Per Month
  • Meal Prep Web App
  • One Time Orders Or Weekly Subscriptions
  • Email Notifications
  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Meal Images
  • Up To 15 Products/Meal Types
  • 10 Free Transactions Per Month
  • $5 Per Transaction Beyond Free


Setup Starts $800
$ 149 Monthly
  • New Modern Website
  • Premium Hosting
  • Ongoing Design and Functionality Updates and Support
  • Security Suite
  • Ongoing Support And Updates
  • Fully Integrated Customized Meal Prep Web App
  • 40 Free Transactions Per Month
  • $2.50 Per Transaction Beyond Free
  • Everything On Your Domain


Our design is made to be simple and encourage people to order recurring menu items from your restaurant. 

Average Order

The average order for restaurants that offer meal prep is $150 per week. Just hitting the minimums that is an extra $1,500 per month in recurring revenue.

Optimized for Devices

Our web app and websites are optimized for all devices and ease of use.

Start Earning More Now for your restaurant

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